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Thanks to our friends at Screencast.com, we now have our entire tutorial video library indexed in a spiffy new media roll. Learn how to use DiscoverText to archive, filter, search, code, and machine classify text from social media, surveys, emails and more.

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Texifter and Columbia University Launch New Gnip Data Feeds

AMHERST, MA, November 15, 2012

New collaboration brings greater social data coverage to research, education, and commercial users.

Texifter, a text analytics start-up, is launching access to two new major blog data stGNIP Badgereams as part of its collaboration with Columbia University: the WordPress fire hose, which gives access to every comment or post on every WordPress blog, and the Disqus PowerTrack, both provided by Gnip, the world’s largest provider of social data.

“We provide the tools that allow Fortune 1000 companies and market research firms to analyze the massive amounts of unstructured data available from blogs, social media sites, surveys, and email,” says CEO Dr. Stuart Shulman. Dr. Shulman is also a political science professor and director of the Qualitative Data Analysis Program (QDAP) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. “We are excited about the collaboration with Columbia University and the acquisition of two vibrant and important blog data streams.”

 Texifter provides cost-effective web-based software for text analytics using unstructured data. Its flagship product, DiscoverText, is a cloud-based software solution that supports advanced filtering, clustering, human coding, and machine learning with unstructured text data. Commercial enterprises, education institutions, and government agencies use DiscoverText for storing and sifting through large amounts of social media data from sources like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. DiscoverText users develop custom, reusable machine-learning text classifiers, which provide fast and valuable insights. The text analytics process reveals common themes in unstructured data as well as unique, infrequent, or unanticipated findings.

At Columbia University, researchers are utilizing these data to study the role of opinion leaders and other intermediaries in the spread of news links via social media.

“By using DiscoverText and Gnip data streams,” notes Dr. Augustin Chaintreau of the Computer Science Department, “we understand this behavior better and can model the role of social networks in creating contextual meaning around important news events.”

Founded in 2009, Texifter‘s current clients include: Google, Volvo, QVC-UK, the National Library of Norway, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Comptroller of the Currency.

Website: http://texifter.com

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Fear and Loathing on the Social Campaign Trail

Hurricane Sandy kept me from giving this talk titled “Fear & Loathing on the Social Campaign Trail” in San Francisco, so here is it via a Screencast.

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What are your customers thinking?

“The October 30, 2012 Sentiment Analysis Symposium in San Francisco will be the 5th instance of a premier business-focused conference, the only conference that will teach you about technology and solutions that help you discover business value in opinions, emotions, and attitudes in social media, news, and enterprise feedback.

Should you attend the symposium? Yes, if you want to lead the competition – in customer satisfaction and support, brand and reputation management, financial services, product design and marketing, and an array of other business processes – if you understand the advantage you will gain in understanding customer, market, employee, investor, and political sentiment, emotion, mood, and opinion.”

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Hunting Political Fear

The R&D team has been preparing an academic basic research talk I will make at the October 30, 2012 Sentiment Analysis Symposium. The title is “Fear and Loathing on the Social Campaign Trail” and we have been working with a lexicon shared by the National Research Council of Canada listing 14,000 terms associated with eight basic emotions.

Over the final month of the US election, we will be testing and refining statistical language models that capture the use of political fear words in social media. A sample of the words in play is shown here.

Check back on October 30, when we will be launching a new political fear index days before the 2012 presidential election.


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Complete History of Twitter Now Available via GNIP

Texifter BadgeTexifter was the first company to join as a paying customer in the alpha “Snapshot” offering from Gnip. You can still take part in that alpha by submitting a request for a free estimate of a snapshot from Twitter’s complete history.

This is, however, a very fast-moving landscape for for social #bigdata. We are quickly transitioning from the alpha “Snaphot” tests to the beta of a cradle-to-grave system for building estimates for the cost of text analytic projects that feature either the real-time day-forward, Gnip-enabled Power Track (the GNIP BadgeTwitter fire hose), or the new historical Power Track. So if you have ever wished you could go back in time and collect all the tweets from an epic moment in history, your wish just came true. Contact us if you have any questions and submit a request for a free estimate today.

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Heat Maps Arrive

 We are thrilled with the response to v1 of our heat map tools, which provide a unique glimpse into the nature and scope of inter-coder agreement in DiscoverText. This video introduces the beta version of the tool. Overtime, the tool will become more interactive, allowing users to filter multi-coder annotation to weight observations where the preponderance of coders agree over those on which few agree.

Link to the Heat Map Video

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Chasing the Social Media Data Trail – Jeremy Harris Lipschultz

I really like the effort Jeremy Harris Lipschultz put into preparing this panel, recording it with a small hand held device, making edits, and producing a polished video and blog post.

Early attempts to list useful social media metrics quit counting somewhere beyond 100 different measures, yet the quality of these online analytics has been questioned from the start. More often the concern has been about return on investment (ROI) and marketing potential. Last month in Chicago, I assembled a panel of experts to sort out what journalism and mass communication professors should be teaching their students about measurement.

Jeremy Harris Lipschultz, Professor and Director
University of Nebraska at Omaha’s School of Communication

Edited round table comments

This was a very bright group and the discussion was excellent.

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Coders Needed!

We are building up a pool of coders for some new projects. If you are good at labeling text this may be an excellent opportunity for you. Graduate students are particularly welcome to join the pool. Coders accepted into the pool get free access to professional level DiscoverText during months when they are coding. Get paid to learn to use state of the art text analytics software. To apply, please visit http://bit.ly/U6yPzD.

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Twitter Fire Hose Access: Never Miss a Tweet

Just in time for the 2012 GOP convention, we are running a special offer to provide full Twitter fire hose access via the Gnip-enabled Power Track for Twitter:

Never miss a tweet. Full coverage with no rate limits. Powerful search rules, text analytics, clustering and machine-learning via custom machine classifiers.

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Election Special: Gnip Power Track Access Fee Cut in Half

Memo to: Political Junkies, Researchers, and Journalists
Subject: 2012 GOP Convention

Would you like every tweet from @GOPconvention, #RNC2012, #Romney, #TeaParty, or any person whose Twitter bio contains “Romney”?

This will be the most social media-driven convention in political history.

These are just a few of the possible queries you can capture during the GOP convention next week using DiscoverText and the Gnip Power Track for Twitter.

We are offering an election special through Midnight EST Sunday August 26th, 2012. If you purchase access to the Gnip Power Track as well as at least a 1-month Professional DiscoverText license, we will cut the Gnip access fee in half and double the number of free Tweets you get with access to 200,000.

This is half off the normal access fee and double the free tweet quota.

To take advantage of this election special, please contact us this weekend.

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Using the CloudExplorer

Tag clouds have gained popularity as a short cut to discovery of frequently occurring terms in a text collection. Much of the inspiration comes from the remarkable Wordle site at http://www.wordle.net. Building on that inspiration, we engineered an interactive word cloud tool in DiscoverText that we call the CloudExplorer. This video is a short introduction to how it works.

Click here to see a 3-minute video on how to use the Cloud Explorer

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Interactive Custom Machine Classifier Histograms

This is the latest DiscoverText filtering feature designed to speed up the creation of accurate custom machine classifiers. This video shows how we use an interactive display of classifier scores to isolate items in a dataset that require further human coding to improve the accuracy of the classifier. Click on the screenshot below to start the video.

Click here to learn how and why these interactive histograms are powerful tools.

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Start-up Showcase

Joe and I had fun fielding questions, passing out literature and giving away DiscoverText t-shirts. Many thanks once again for the excellent facilities and services from our MassChallenge hosts. We met some leaders of cool start-ups, a number of interesting VCs and overall had a great night.


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