• Jbtucks

    Why the “Sheep’s Clothing”? Say what you mean. Fear Conservatives. Since 1980 the American electorate has voted in 3 Republican presidents; A total of 20 years of “Conservative” administrations. One could conclude that A) Republicans are extremely inept at instituting their evil and fearful policies,or B) They are not evil and should not be feared.
    On the opposite side, the Progressives continue their “Long March” through history. Socialized healthcare, control over major industries, stifiling regulations on business and on and on. The Progressive movements success is undeniable and impressive. I can only add a suggestion
    Save your earnings. The Romney administration may not be so forthcoming with research grants into Democratic talking points.

  • http://twitter.com/texifter Texifter

    I think political fear cuts across the spectrum. Folks at the extreme left and right are terrified of the other side. Folks in the moderate ideological positions are terrified of the party extremes. Fear is everywhere you look in American political discourse.