Bin Laden Tweets Take Center Stage at AoIR

On Tuesday, October 11th, Texifter Founder and CEO, Stu Shulman, will be attending the annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers in Seattle, Washington.  The Twelfth Annual AoIR Conference (you can follow it on Twitter @ #IR12) brings together approximately 400 dedicated researchers in one location to discuss and display their work amongst their peers. The AoIR conference is a 12-year old interdisciplinary venue for inspiring new ideas, presenting cutting-edge studies and encouraging collaborations between scholars in the area of internet studies. The schedule for the conference is packed over 3 days, and brings together researchers from various disciplines and areas like: information, communication, sociology, business, political science, design, engineering, art and more.

Stu will be participating in the white-knuckle opening event of the conference, when he gives an Ignite Talk on Texifter’s latest crowdsourcing project using DiscoverText, a post mortem using a sample from over 4 million collected Osama bin Laden Tweets. Two weeks ago we reported that we had coded over 23,000 of the Tweets. Now it is time for Texifter to display some more of the funniest Tweets live at the conference, and discuss some of the methodology behind the project, and why we choose to research the topic. However, this is no TED Talk, ideas move faster in the Internet sphere. Time will be short, and the heat will be on, Ignite talks are only 5 minutes in length, and just 20 slides long, meaning speakers have 15 seconds per slide to articulate their point to the audience. For those not going to the conference, you can still see the talk, simply check back for video of exciting talk!

About Joseph Delfino

Joseph Delfino is responsible for business development at Texifter. He has been working with DiscoverText since January of 2011 when he started testing the DiscoverText user interface in the QDAP Lab. His favorite retired DiscoverText tool is the Splicer. Joe is a big film fan, with his favorites being foreign films, documentaries, and anything set in a future dystopian landscape. You can reach Joe on Twitter @_delfino_ and through email at
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