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For the past month, Texifter technical and business development staff have been occupied with multiple large projects including, the cultivation of the GNIP Beta, updating system performance, experimenting with lead generation, and digging through the #OBL:-) Funniest Tweets. However, this has not stopped Texifter from taking DiscoverText on the road, allow us to display the software to new audiences, and give new faces the opportunity to interact and witness the power of the cutting edge tool by participating in demos and attending talks highlighting the software.

At the Conference on Social Informatics in Singapore, Founder and CEO Stu Shulman was one of two researchers who conducted tutorials with other academics and researchers, which allowed SocInfo attendees to demo DiscoverText and work directly with Stu for information and insights. Following SocInfo, Texifter made a major appearance at the Association of Internet Researchers Conference on the other side of the Pacific, in Seattle. There Stu gave an Ignite Talk on the #OBL:-) Tweets, which eventually lead to a crowdsourced winner. The presentation led to some great talk on Twitter, with such praise as,

#StuartShulman : Political scientists did not see this coming – they never do! Yes and amen, that’s why I moved to media studies :-) #IR12,”
#OBL:-)1-6 Great talk!.

Taking DiscoverText on the road does not end with AoIR. In fact, the 2011 calendar get busier as the year comes to a close. In the upcoming months, there will be opportunities to see DiscoverText and talk to a member of the development team, when they will be on-site at the Sentiment Symposium in San Francisco, Text Analytics West in San Jose and the IE Group Predictive
Analytics Conference in Amsterdam. At Text Analytics West, I will be introducing DiscoverText to the masses at North America’s premier text analytics conference, spending 2 days on-site in San Jose. In Amsterdam, the Predictive Analytics conference gives people another opportunity to hear Stu speak, when he takes the stage alongside major names from the European business community, including Banco Santander, Telefonica, and AstraZeneca, discussing the benefits of using analytics in business.

Both of these conferences will be great opportunities to see and hear about the power of DiscoverText. If you have any questions about DiscoverText, or you are interested in meeting at one of these conferences, please contact us.

About Joseph Delfino

Joseph Delfino is responsible for business development at Texifter. He has been working with DiscoverText since January of 2011 when he started testing the DiscoverText user interface in the QDAP Lab. His favorite retired DiscoverText tool is the Splicer. Joe is a big film fan, with his favorites being foreign films, documentaries, and anything set in a future dystopian landscape. You can reach Joe on Twitter @_delfino_ and through email at
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