SaaS cloud-based solutions and analytical consulting services delivered by Texifter reduce the cost of managing large volumes of unstructured text documents and help users create value from millions of items imported from employee/customer surveys, social media, federated search, bulk email extraction, and electronic document repositories. Our advanced social search and classification capabilities leverage metadata, lower barriers to entry, and will change the way users interact and harvest insight from text.

Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies need solutions that streamline the process of importing, storing, filtering, categorizing, analyzing, and creating value from text data. Texifter’s target market is Human Resource technology, which is estimated to have grown to an all-time high of $12.6 billion in 2012. DiscoverText is the solution for HR departments looking to harvest insight from large employee engagement survey data. Currently, there are no tools on the market which hold the analytical and methodological power for the analysis of employee engagement surveys like DiscoverText. This niche provides Texifter the opportunity to present DiscoverText as the first to the employee engagement survey analysis market. In this market segment, Texifter has completed work with JetBlue, Google, ESPN, and Marsh Human Capital.

There are also other market oppurtunities in different sectors for Texifter to explore, these include: eDiscovery ($1.2B, 8% CAGR); Text Analytics ($350M, 25% CAGR); and Enterprise Content Management ($3.3B, 9.5% CAGR).  Currently, Texifter is  focusing on splitting business into three categories: Government (Public Comment/open Government, Document Retention/Redaction), Corporate (Fortune 1000 and Market Research for SMB), and Academic (University Research).