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DiscoverText + GNIP + Klout = Analytic Power

On October 1st, Texifter staff will begin testing the GNIP Firehose for Twitter, which delivers 100% of the Tweets you want, based on the criteria which users provide. This is a remarkable tool and will greatly contribute to the evolution … Continue reading

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22,348 bin Laden Tweets: Coded!

It took all of three days for 27 individuals from around the country (and maybe the world) to collectively code 22,348 Tweets that mentioned Osama bin Laden, following his assassination. This crowdsourcing feat, sponsored by the Qualitative Data Analysis Program … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing bin Laden Humor

This Saturday, Texifter will begin its first foray into crowdsourcing, the relatively new phenomenon made possible by complex and fast information networks. Crowdsourcing seeks to tap the collective intellect of a large group to find a result instead of relying … Continue reading

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Major Functionality Updates

Thanks to our superb development staff, Texifter has launched new updates to DiscoverText on both the front-end and back-end. The updates unlock a new level of speed, interactivity, and functionality. Overall, the updates enhance user’s ability to mine data for with … Continue reading

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100 Million Documents

A few days ago, DiscoverText ingested document 100,000,000. It was probably a Tweet. Researchers woke up today to a newly optimized database of more than 300,000,000 meta data values. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be rolling out … Continue reading

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GOP Twitter Benchmarks

PRE-DEBATE (September 1st – September 7th) It’s September again, summer vacations have ended, schools are back in session, and the presidential primary election campaign is in full swing. While Zogby International and Gallup polling may tell you that Perry and Romney … Continue reading

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PowerTrack for Twitter

DiscoverText is preparing to launch a short and exclusive beta test period using “PowerTrack for Twitter Firehose Filtering” a service provided by GNIP. Compared to the “rate limited” service offered by DiscoverText through the public Twitter API, the “Full Firehose” … Continue reading

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Topic Modeling Using LDA

Prior to the groundbreaking research of Blei, Ng, and Jordan, delivered in a 2002 paper, the world of latent Dirichlet allocation(LDA) was underdeveloped and far from being used in the commercial world. LDA, a powerful statistical learning algorithm, is a … Continue reading

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