Updates to the DiscoverText Terms of Service

Effective July 25th, 2011, Texifter has modified the Terms of Service governing its DiscoverText product and the use of Texifter’s services and sites in general.

The primary changes of importance include:

  • Paragraph 1.1: we’ve removed the phrase “and excluding any services provided to you by Texifter, LLC. under a separate written agreement.” If there is a separate written agreement between you and Texifter, the amended terms will be spelled out in the separate written agreement.
  • Paragraph 1.7: this paragraph has been deleted – it dealt with additional terms as previous laid out in 1.1 that are no longer applicable.
  • Paragraph 9.1: regarding information disclosure, we’ve added the clause at the end “without Texifter’s prior written consent except as required by applicable federal records or freedom of information law.”
  • Added paragraph 15.3: regarding Texifter’s legal obligations when contracting with a Federal Agency.
  • Paragraph 19.1: Added pledge that Texifter will notify its users via email at least three days in advance of incoming changes to the Terms of Service.

In addition, the following Terms of Service changes are applicable to any agreements with Federal Agencies as defined in paragraph 1.5 of the Terms:

  • Paragraph 20.8: new text regarding indemnification and damages.
  • Added paragraph 20.9: use of Federal Agency logos and other marks.
  • Added paragraph 20.10: assignation of rights to third parties.
  • Added paragraph 20.11: System and data security obligations.
  • Added paragraph 20.12: Federal records obligations.

As always, the Texifter Terms of Service can always be found at http://texifter.com/home/terms with a mirrored copy on DiscoverText at http://discovertext.com/terms.aspx.

We want to thank the various FCC personnel, including those at the OGC, for helping us to craft a Terms of Service that should work for any US federal agency.

About Mark J. Hoy

Texifter CTO Mark J. Hoy brings over 18 years of professional IT experience as well as over 28 years of programming hailing from a wide swath of areas including academic research, R&D for the defense industry and the Director of Programming for a graphic design and multimedia firm. Mark graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2007 with a Masters in Information Technology, Software Design and Management as well as in 2000 with a B.S. in Information and Decision Systems. When not poking around with the internals of DiscoverText, Mark keeps himself busy as an amateur guitarist for over 20 years and a tinkerer of all things.
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