Texifter Announces Strategic Partnership with SurveyMonkey

Texifter Announces Strategic Partnership with SurveyMonkey
to Improve Survey Data Analytics

Combining the power and versatility of Texifter’s DiscoverText analytics with the reach of the world’s largest survey website.

AMHERST, MA., May 27 2014—Texifter, a developer of social data and text analysis tools, today announced a new strategic partnership with SurveyMonkey, the world’s largest survey website, to provide advanced text analytics capabilities to SurveyMonkey users through its cloud-based platform, DiscoverText.

SurveyMonkey is known for intuitive interfaces and communications features that allow researchers to collect millions of survey responses every day. When surveys produce very large numbers of responses to open-ended questions, it can be a challenge to analyze all of the verbatim data. This is especially true for those relying on spreadsheet software as their primary text analytics tool.

DiscoverText provides an accessible “point and click” solution for these and other analytic challenges. Starting today, all DiscoverText users will be able to log in to SurveyMonkey to easily import existing survey data. Researchers can use a 30-day free trial to apply the full range of Discover Text’s powerful software tools to both the open ended answers and the structured survey metadata. Texifter’s “five pillars of text analytics” approach combines search, filtering, clustering, human-coding, and machine-learning.

Once registered on DiscoverText, newcomers have access to a wide spectrum of online data feeds. Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, WordPress, Disqus, and Twitter data can be gathered, managed, and analyzed in DiscoverText alongside SurveyMonkey responses, email, and other forms of text data.

“The Texifter team is excited to be introducing SurveyMonkey users to the powerful and flexible text analytics tools in DiscoverText,” said founder and CEO Stuart Shulman. “We are confident that once people try out features like clustering and custom machine-learning, they’ll begin to see new possibilities for generating insights from bigger and more diverse collections of unstructured free text.”

This strategic partnership signals the latest phase in the evolution of DiscoverText. Originally built for federal agencies sorting large-scale public comment collections, the four-year old collaborative research platform now serves a wide variety of public and private sector clients, as well as the academic research community.

Texifter is a spin-out company based on information science research by Dr. Stuart W. Shulman, who directed the development of numerous human language tools for reviewing large numbers of public comments.

Texifter Contact
Stuart Shulman

About Stuart Shulman

Stuart Shulman is a political science professor, software inventor, entrepreneur, and garlic growing enthusiast who coaches U13 boys club soccer and in the Olympic Development Program with a national D-license. He is Founder & CEO of Texifter, LLC, Director of QDAP-UMass, and Editor Emeritus of the Journal of Information Technology & Politics. Stu is the proud owner of a Bernese/Shepherd named "Colbert" who is much better known as 'Bert. You can follow his exploits @stuartwshulman.
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