Analyzing Co-Occurrences

A common question we hear at Texifter is, “How can one derive co-occurrences in a slice of data?” DiscoverText makes this process relatively easy – when starting with one known variable. For instance, one might like to see which hashtags or links or keyword co-occur with other hashtags, links, and keywords in a given archive. In this case below, it is done with an archive of Romney tweets.

To derive this insight, DiscoverText users can use the “TopMeta Discovery” function to quickly “slice” a timeframe of their data into a bucket (a saved search result).

Once the “slice” is bucketed, users can perform the same TopMeta function across the hashtags (or other metadata fields) of that specific data.

Once the hashtag (or other metadata item) is selected, users can – once again – perform a quick filter, and bucket the data that matches a particular metadata item.

Finally, with the known variable isolated to a bucket, users can easily utilize functions such as TopMeta or the interactive cloud explorer in DiscoverText to pull out co-occurring links, hashtags, keywords, and other substantive insight and analyze the tweets that reference such data.

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About Josh Sowalsky

Josh Sowalsky is the Director of User Support at Texifter, where he has worked since September 2010. He holds two degrees in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies from UMASS Amherst, where he minored in History, Arabic, and International Relations. While at UMASS Josh designed and taught an advanced course that examined the intersection of technological development and national identity formation. Serving also as a research assistant in the UMASS Political Science department, he researched and published articles on electoral politics and political dissent in Jordan. Josh has conducted and presented multilingual field research on civil society development, democratization, and national identity formation throughout the Middle East - namely in Israel, Lebanon, and Syria. His honors thesis was entitled, "The Role of Women's Rights NGOs in Syrian Democratization." When not managing projects in QDAP or harvesting Arabic protest tweets in DiscoverText, Josh can be found strumming a ukulele, exploring Netflix, or swinging aimlessly at tennis balls.
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