Texifter, JetBlue & Google @SIOP

Prior to heading to IHRIM in Chicago at the beginning of May, Texifter will be making an appearance in San Diego at the 2012 Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Conference. SIOP is a division of the American Psychological Association and an Organizational Affiliate of the Association of Psychological Science. The San Diego event is the largest gathering of Industrial Psychologists in the country. The event over 4 days, will include an exhibition, educational talks, workshops, and even a 5K road race.

On Saturday, April 28th, at 10:30AM, Texifter CEO Dr. Stuart W. Shulman will make his debut at SIOP on a panel discussing innovative approaches to employee engagement survey analytics. Dr. Shulman will be speaking with members of the HR teams at Dell Computers, Google, and JetBlue Airways, all companies that have used DiscoverText for text analytics. Other members of the panel include professionals from CLC Genesee and CEB Valtera, both employee engagement survey providers. Specifically, the panel will speak about their experiences in harvesting, organizing, and deriving insight from qualitative data, and how qualitative data can be used in tandem with quantitative data points.

For information on getting together at SIOP or IHRIM, you may contact me, at joe@discovertext.com.

About Joseph Delfino

Joseph Delfino is responsible for business development at Texifter. He has been working with DiscoverText since January of 2011 when he started testing the DiscoverText user interface in the QDAP Lab. His favorite retired DiscoverText tool is the Splicer. Joe is a big film fan, with his favorites being foreign films, documentaries, and anything set in a future dystopian landscape. You can reach Joe on Twitter @_delfino_ and through email at Joe@discovertext.com
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  • http://www.onlinebackupsreview.com/ George

    Its nice that the HR teams of Dell Computers, Google, and JetBlue Airways met. now they must be aware of the policies followed in each company.

  • http://www.cox-communications-services.350.com/Cox_Communications.htm Rita Dawson

    I have heard about the event and the news that I got was that the event was for only 2 days. I wasn’t aware of the panel discussion about harvesting, organizing and deriving insight also. Thanks for this informative share.